Current Mission

Share Electric results

After a month and a bit of voting, the results are finally in. Overall, over 125 users stepped up to the plate for electric vehicles in NYC. That’s a lot of support for electric vehicles!

Together, we’ve shown that New Yorkers want to test drive the technology of the future today. Unfortunately together with Hertz we set a high bar, requiring that a location receive at least 100 votes and none got enough votes to guarantee a new EV. We’ll get them next time!

Until your favorite location does get an EV, you can try one of the 8 electric cars Hertz already rents in the City. Stay tuned for future missions, and if you have any ideas, please share them with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Upcoming Missions

Past Missions

E-Truck Challenge Results

After 35 days, more than 300 votes, and a close dash to the finish line, the voting is now closed. Congratulations to our winners: Cross Bay Boulevard and 163rd Avenue in Queens and Flatbush Avenue and Park Place in Brooklyn. These two locations stormed their way to the top with only 4 votes separating between them. As for the other stores, while you haven’t won this time, our mission is not yet complete. With your help we have raised awareness to electric transportation, and proved that it is feasible option for large and small businesses in NYC .

Stay tuned for our upcoming missions

Electrified Events

Mission Electric wants to bring electric vehicles to events you choose in the city. Vote on an existing event or submit your own. We will electrify the one with the most votes by bringing cars, other examples of clean transportation, and extra goodies. Voting also enters you to win a free six month bike share pass or a free day of car share driving.

By completing this mission, you’ll give fellow New Yorkers the opportunity to experience EVs, and yourself the opportunity to win. We can only electrify family friendly weekend events between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm. Pick wisely to win and good luck!