Electric vehicles already travel the city’s streets. They deliver packages and groceries, help the Fire Department make sure buildings are safe, and allow other City agencies to do their job with less noise and air pollution. This year a factory in the Bronx will build electric trucks that make the city cleaner. While electric vehicles aren’t the norm yet, together we can help them become a way of life.

Last year the City government added 70 electric vehicles to its fleet. They emit over 40% fewer emissions than the vehicles they replace. This year the City is adding more, making the City’s public sector EV fleet second in size only to the Federal government’s.

The private sector is also doing its part. An electric truck assembly plant is opening soon in the South Bronx. This is the first time in almost ninety years that New Yorkers will have jobs manufacturing vehicles. Meanwhile  many New York companies and citizens are deciding that electric vehicles work for them. They travel our streets everyday.

To make it easier for their customers to use electric vehicles, garages all over the city have installed chargers. Over 82 chargers are publicly available the city. In Manhattan there are 50% more chargers than gas stations. To find public charge spots and home chargers available in New York City visit PlugShare.com:

For an interactive map go to www.plugshare.com


In New York City electric vehicles are just one piece of a puzzle that includes bicycling and public transit. Yet, when replacing a conventional car they reduce climate change pollution by an average of 75%. For commercial vehicles those benefits are even greater. Even if you are not a car owner you can still contribute to this transformation by showing the City and businesses you want them to use the cleanest possible vehicles. Another example of the city’s reinvention, electric vehicles are vital to making New York City greener and greater than ever before.