Tesla to Sell its Affordable Model III in 2017

By:   Christian Okolski As reported by Forbes, Tesla Motors has confirmed its plans to release another all-electric sedan, which is to be more affordable than the luxurious and high-performing Model S, in 2017.  This news is not a tremendous surprise, since Tesla had revealed the goal of building an affordable electric car as far back [...]

Bay Area Governments Place a Large Order for New EVs

Photo credit:  BAY AREA NEWS GROUP, RAY CHAVEZ — AP Photo By:   Christian Okolski The San Francisco Bay Area is a well-known hotbed for sustainable energy efforts and new technology as well as home base for several companies who embrace those characteristics, such as Solar City, Tesla Motors, and City Car Share.  Considering California’s enticing electric vehicle incentives (including a $2,500 tax rebate [...]

Halftime Report: Electric Vehicle Sales Remain Strong through the First Six Months of 2014

By:   Christian Okolski Electric vehicles have been consistently growing on American consumers since the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF were introduced to the U.S. auto market in late 2010.  According to the Electric Drive Transportation Association, annual Passenger electric vehicle sales have jumped 445 percent from 17,735 units sold in 2011 to 96,702 units sold [...]

Harley-Davidson’s New Prototype May be a Great Boost to the Electric Motorcycle Market

By:   Christian Okolski    Harley-Davidson is not only an iconic American motorcycle company, but the industry’s market leader in the United States.  Known for their powerful, loud, and aggressively designed bikes, Harleys can be easily identified by sight and sound, appealing to a large share of the Country’s motorcycle buyers.    However, Harley-Davidson may be looking [...]