Tesla Safety Investigations

This year, Tesla Motors has struggled with three battery fires induced by accidents, two of which include videos that have virally spread across the web. Tesla’s stocks suffered, advocates and media sources positioned against electric vehicles pounced, and bad publicity sprouted all over the net. The minimal attention paid to a testimonial from an actual driver in one of the accidents by some media outlets was near absurd.

Tesla is rebounding well. It’s provided strong customer support to the Tesla drivers involved in the high profile accidents. The company has issued software adjustments that push a Tesla to ride higher off the ground at highway speeds. Additionally, Elon Musk, Tesla’s Founder and CEO, welcomes any government investigations on his battery powered sports cars.

On November 27th, German regulators stepped forward and released a statement claiming no manufacturer defects could be found to be responsible for the accidents. In all three accidents drivers walked away safely from their vehicles, and it was concluded that the vehicle responded well for the speeds at which the accidents occurred. The passenger compartments suffered no damage, and were safe enough for drivers to collect personal belongings inside. Now, electric sports car fans across the world wait to hear from U.S. National Highway and Safety Administration’s Investigation. None could be more ready to hear the vehicles are officially cleared and perfectly safe than Elon Musk himself.

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