National Plug in Day 2013

At the end of September, Empire Clean Cities (ECC) was proud to host New York City’s National Plug in Day 2013 event at Madison Square Park. Like events across the country, it was supported by local electric and hybrid vehicle owners and supporters, with the goal of raising electric vehicle awareness within a community building celebration.

We were lucky enough to have the support of the NYC Department of Sanitation and the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation who each brought vehicles from their respective green fleets. Among the other displayed vehicles were two Nissan Leafs, A Mitsubishi I, a BMW ActiveE, a west coast exclusive Chevrolet Volt, an electric Ford Focus, a Tesla Model S, and a rare converted Hybrid Ford F-150. ECC would like to thank our participants who registered and brought vehicles for the display. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Each of the vehicles was parked in Madison Square Park, allowing thousands of New Yorkers and tourists passing by access to them. Children were seen exploring the inside of vehicles, packs of adults huddled around the hood of the Chevy Spark admiring its technology, and the Tesla Model S & BMW Active E proved to be big hits with the crowds. Many onlookers were seen taking photos – surely to prove to all of their friends and family how close they were to some of the coolest vehicles on the market!


We also had support from Hevo Power and CarCharing, who both took the opportunity to promote their respective charging stations. We was able to personally engage with individuals on the street about Mission Electric, provide them with information about electric vehicles, and generally enjoy ourselves with the community we aim to serve by bringing us all closer to a city with cleaner air and less traffic noise. ECC is looking forward to next year’s event, and we hope to see you there!

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