Driving on 2 cents per mile

Recently we reported that 45% of potential electric vehicle are considering dumping the pump to save on gas. Today, we would like to showcase what these savings look like. During the past year, Volt Owner, a Chevy Volt driver and blogger has documented his driving habits and energy consumption. 11 months into this project the preliminary results are in: 19,017 miles, 19.4 gallons of gas for a whooping  980 miles per gallon. Factoring in additional electricity costs at $341 and gas at $67 we get a combined average of 2 cents per mile. (see graph below for detailed explanation)

Volt Owner driving stats

According to Volt owners, these results aren’t unique. The website Volt Stats tracks voluntary information submitted from drivers through their On Star GPS systems. According to the website the median MPG for all 1,047 drivers is 183. Now of course electricity isn’t free, but assuming you drive a 28 MPG car the electricity equivalent would set you back $1.10, which to us seems like a good deal.


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