We want you to get behind the wheel of an electric car

Remember the first time that a friend let you use his cellphone to make a quick call? The magical feeling of being able to call anyone from anywhere. Well, it’s not the 80′s anymore but if you want to experience technological breakthrough all over again, we want you to get in an electric car.

Yes, you’ve heard and read about them, and probably have some concerns like price and range, but have you actually driven one? As we feel that most electric car questions are answered while driving, we are pleased to announce our new campaign Share Electric.

Electric and looking for a place to park

During the next month we are giving three NYC locations the opportunity to win a shared electric car for their neighborhood. The cars operated by Hertz on Demand will allow more New Yorkers to experience electric driving and see if it’s right for them. Moreover, as most trips in NYC are public transportation based, electric car sharing is an ideal complement for that errand trip you’ve been putting off.

So log on, vote, and join us in test driving the most advanced cars on the market.






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