Electric car sales triple over the past year

As more electric car models hit the market, manufacturers and producers are finally gaining the confidence to bring battery operated transportation to the main stream. In August, the Chevrolet Volt hit record sales with close to 3,000 cars sold. While low leases and higher gas prices have contributed to the higher sales of the Volt, the same increase in sales was seen by Toyota that launched it’s Plug in Prius a number of months ago. Put these two together and we can start talking about a trend.

For Nissan Leaf, the popular pure electric car, sales have remained modest at around 500-750 per month.

The following graph from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows the massive spike led by Plug in Hybrid cars. According to the analysis done by David Friedman, deputy director of the Clean Vehicles program, not only have sales risen, but they have beaten the first year of hybrid car sales (2001) by around 25%.

Electric car sales comparison (Union of Concerned Scientists)

What can we learn from these numbers?

1.  Most drivers aren’t willing to settle for a 100 mile range, and therefore prefer a Plug in Hybrid car

2. Price is still one of the major obstacles to adoption

3. Variety of makes and models builds confidence in the direction the market is headed


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