Thanks for celebrating Plug in Day with us

Over 60 cities took part in celebrating National Plug in Day, but only in New York, can you see an Elvis impersonator checking out a Tesla, and a guy wearing a skirt made out of candy on an electric motorcycle. 6 cars, 3 trucks, 2 motorcycles, and 1 global location- Times Square, were the ingredients that made [...]

Join us for an electric car palooza in Times Square

This coming Sunday (9/23) we’re bringing our tailpipe free, gas saving, silent operating, battery powered cars and trucks to Times Square. In celebration of National Plug in Day, a nationwide annual day of electric vehicle awareness, we’ll showcase the latest cars and trucks on the market. Come and see the sporty Tesla, take a seat in one of [...]

Introducing your winners, NYC’s first all electric stores

After a month long race, more than 300 votes, a neck and neck battle between Union Square and Park Slope, and a last minute rally by Howard Beach,voting is now complete. For the first time ever, New Yorkers like you have changed the way we drive business. Based on your selection, these following Duane Reade [...]

Electric car sales triple over the past year

As more electric car models hit the market, manufacturers and producers are finally gaining the confidence to bring battery operated transportation to the main stream. In August, the Chevrolet Volt hit record sales with close to 3,000 cars sold. While low leases and higher gas prices have contributed to the higher sales of the Volt, the same increase [...]