From Summer Streets to your street

For the tens of kids who got behind the wheel of this Electric Truck this weekend at NYC’s Summer Streets, the major objective was to find out how loud the horn of this truck really is. But for their parents, it was actually the silent operation of the truck that got them overly excited.

2012-08-11 10.49.33

The fact that electric trucks make no noise is one of the reasons that New York City is supporting businesses that wish to go electric through incentives and financial assistance. But local and federal governments can’t do this alone, and this is where you come in.

If you, like us, want to pave the way for clean transportation we ask you for your vote. By joining our Electric Truck Challenge not only are you showing that you care about transportation in NYC, but you actually get to decide which neighborhoods these trucks should serve first.

2012-08-11 10.11.04

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