What’s a watt? Class 1: Plug in Hybrid Vs. All Electric

When listening to electric car owners speaking, it almost seems that they have a secret language of their own. To clarify some of the lingo underlying the EV (electric vehicle) discourse, we’ve decided to launch our EV academy- a beginners guide to acronyms.

Battery electric: Mitsubishi MiEV

The first decision potential EV drivers ask themselves is what type of car should I get? Presently there are two broad categories: All electric vehicles and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. The difference between the two is that while all electric vehicles are powered solely by a battery, plug in hybrid electric (PHEV) also have a small backup gasoline engine that serves as an electricity generator when the battery levels go low. To see a gallery of the types of cars available check out Plug in America 

Plug in hybrid electric: Ford C max Energi


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