30 new NYC garages now offer Park + Plug

One of the largest problems of being an electric car driver in NYC is the lack of a permanent parking spots. With 50% of drivers parking on the streets, getting your dose of electrons means that you find a close garage with charging amenities,  or buy an extra long extension cord.

While the city has installed charging spots in over 80 garages , that doesn’t help if you don’t live near one. Enter the new EV friendly garages.

Thankfully about 30 new garages have stepped up to the plate and said that they welcome electric cars! In response to a request from the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability  these garages will now let drivers plug into wall outlets to charge. Often called level 1 charging, this wall charging option will allow a car to fully charge overnight.

To locate these new locations log on to PlugShare for a detailed map of NYC locations.


You have questions, we have answers.

  • Why these garages? The 30 new garages offering EV charging responded to a letter sent out by the City
  • How much will it cost? As with other charging, the garages will determine how to price the amenity
  • Why just level-1 charging? Level 1 charging enables garages to to begin serving EVs with less risk. As EV demand grows, garages can invest in faster level-II chargers

This is just one of many steps being taken to make NYC friendly for electric vehicles.

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