Turning sunshine into miles

Imagine that you could store barrels of oil in your garage and distill your own gasoline. Pretty cool no?

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet the people of Empower Solar who actually “make” their own fuel by turning sunshine into miles. Unlike distilling oil, it’s a pretty easy and clean process.

Here’s what you’ll need- 300 square feet of rooftop space, around 11 solar panels, 1 sun, and an electric car. By combining them all you can turn your rooftop into a solar charger, eliminate almost all your electricity bills, and store the excess energy in your car.
While this is still an expensive adventure, it is also one of the most sustainable, and depending on where you live you might be able to get good return on your investment.


Now let’s zoom out to the macro level. One of the largest barriers to renewable energy production is the lack in ability to store it. As the sun shines during the day, and winds are intermittent, we need batteries to ensure constant flow of electricity. And that’s where the cars come in.

By providing a way to store energy on site, we can create the battery capacity that will ensure consistency. This will allow us not only use the left over energy from our homes to charge cars, but go the other way around- turn unused solar miles back into electricity to power our homes at night.

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