Where does the energy go?

This week the departments of  Transportation and  Environmental Protection announced a new goal of a combined fleet efficiency of 54.5 MPG by 2025. To attain this goal,  automakers will have to develop lighter, smaller, and more efficient cars. In order to see the inefficiencies of today’s internal combustion car, it would make sense to step [...]

Driving electric in NYC- road (parking) test

According to a study done for the Mayor’s office of Long Term Planning and sustainability about half of New Yorkers who own a car do not have access to a permanent parking spot. While this fact  is frustrating for those of us looking for a place to park, for electric car drivers it serves as a [...]

What’s a Watt? class 2: Charging

One of the recurring questions we usually receive at the many events we attend is “How will I charge this car at home?” So for all of you out there, here’s a detailed answer. There are presently 2 major ways in which you can charge your cars at home, these are usually referred to as [...]

Harlem is going electric

This weekend we’re heading uptown to the Harlem Auto Show, one of the highlights of the annual Harlem Week. This is a great chance to see old vintage cars alongside new cutting edge automobiles like our very own Chevrolet Volt. So grab a hat and a bottle of water and come meet us. Upper Manhattan [...]

From Summer Streets to your street

For the tens of kids who got behind the wheel of this Electric Truck this weekend at NYC’s Summer Streets, the major objective was to find out how loud the horn of this truck really is. But for their parents, it was actually the silent operation of the truck that got them overly excited. The fact [...]

What’s a watt? Class 1: Plug in Hybrid Vs. All Electric

When listening to electric car owners speaking, it almost seems that they have a secret language of their own. To clarify some of the lingo underlying the EV (electric vehicle) discourse, we’ve decided to launch our EV academy- a beginners guide to acronyms. The first decision potential EV drivers ask themselves is what type of car should [...]

Come meet us at Summer Streets NYC

This Sat. we’ll be setting up shop on Park Ave. as part of New York City’s Summer Streets. While most people see Summer Streets as a chance to jog from Grand Central down to the Brooklyn Bridge, or zip line in Foley Square, we think it’s also a great opportunity to talk about the future [...]

30 new NYC garages now offer Park + Plug

One of the largest problems of being an electric car driver in NYC is the lack of a permanent parking spots. With 50% of drivers parking on the streets, getting your dose of electrons means that you find a close garage with charging amenities,  or buy an extra long extension cord. While the city has installed charging [...]

Turning sunshine into miles

Imagine that you could store barrels of oil in your garage and distill your own gasoline. Pretty cool no? Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet the people of Empower Solar who actually “make” their own fuel by turning sunshine into miles. Unlike distilling oil, it’s a pretty easy and clean process. Here’s what you’ll [...]