How Electric Vehicles Fit

If you like electric vehicles, you’ll love what else is happening in New York. Electric vehicles are one piece of PlaNYC, New York City’s comprehensive effort to improve living conditions for all New Yorkers.

Electric vehicles are important because the City’s greenhouse gas inventory shows that they produce almost 75% less CO2 emissions than an average conventional car. On the NYC grid they are even twice as clean as hybrids. However, the city’s pollution comes from many places. Other PlaNYC programs reducing air pollution and carbon emissions in New York include:

  • Clean Heat, which will reduce soot pollution from buildings 50% by 2013
  • Bike share, launching this summer, which will provide New Yorkers with more sustainable transportation options
  • Greener, Greater Buildings Plan,  which targets energy efficiency in these large existing buildings and will reduce citywide carbon emissions by 5%

Supporting electric vehicles is just one of many initiatives in PlaNYC that will ensure New York’s health and competitiveness, for the next twenty years and beyond.

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