Tour de Queens here we come

This coming Sunday we’ll be riding with the more than 500 cyclists in the  5th. annual Tour de Queens.
To ensure compliance with the event’s strict zero emissions policy, we will provide roadside assistance to distressed riders with 100% electric Nissan Leafs. We believe that the future of sustainable cities lies in cultivating a green transportation network in which electric vehicles are just one component, and that’s one of many reasons we’re excited to take part in this event.

The tour kicks off this coming Sunday at Corona Park and will take riders along a 19 mile path around northeastern Queens. Our friends at Transportation Alternatives just notified us that there are still spots for last minute riders, so if you want to get in shape post all those 4th of July BBQs come on down and say hello.


TDQ dan_0439

Tour de Queens 2011 (Photo: Transportation Alternatives)

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