This isn’t a hoax- the electric DeLorean is here

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Back to the Future buzz that drove people around the world crazy- was a photoshop spoof. But what isn’t a hoax is this DeLorean- which is making a cameo on US streets. While it may look the same on the outside, under the hood lies an all electric [...]

Thanks for meeting us out at Central Park

We just got back from Adventures NYC and wanted to thank all of you who came out to join us. We had a great time and are looking forward to meeting you at other events around town. Remember, If you want us to come to an event near you, be sure to cast your vote [...]

Why we love electric vehicles?

What made us fall for electric cars is the moment that you push the ignition switch and nothing happens- no sound, no vibration just silence. In many ways it’s a bit like switching on your cellphone, TV, or stereo. Some lights come on and it’s good to go. But what sealed the deal for us [...]

We brought the infrastructure- you bring the cars

Most New Yorkers tell us they “would consider purchasing an electric car, if they only had a place to charge it”. Unknown to these electric vehicle fans is that New York City has a public charging system that is just waiting for new cars. Presently, over 80 charging locations have been placed in public garages [...]